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Energy is a most important thing for human being as well as food. But the way of producing energy is very important. It should not be harmful to the environment. Burning fossil fuel which calls Dirty energy sources to produce energy, makes greenhouse gasses. That gases are causing the Earth’s atmosphere to warm. Therefore the clean Energy concept is becoming very popular in the present. The sources calls clean energy sources use to make energy not harmful to the environment and does not make Green House gasses. Water, Sunlight and Wind is some examples for clean energy sources.

Our company named Ceylon Hydro Energies (CHECO) is a liable company registered under company act of Sri Lanka. We provide all services related to Power Generation using water sources.

When you expect our service, you can get better service covering all related fields trustly, reasonably and economically.

Ceylon Hydro Energies Company (PVT.) Limited
3/373, Vidyala Mawatha,
Kothalawala, Kaduwela,
Sri Lanka.

Tel/Fax : +94112579933, +94773188499, +94763603270.
E : kapilakatulanda@gmail.com
W : www.ceylonhydroenergies.lk

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