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About Hydro Power System


Introduction of the Project.

Making electricity using water is called Hydro Power Electricity. Potential Energy of Stored water or Kinetic Energy of Running or falling water is can be used to this process.


Simple sketch of Hydro Power generating system.

The potential energy of the stored water converts to kinetic energy flowing through the pipe to lower place. The turbine Runner located at the end of pipe rotates using this kinetic power. This rotating runner spins the Generator coupled to shaft of the runner. The electricity produced from this generator can feed to the Power Grid using Controlling system and step up transformer. It is the simple definition of Hydro Electric power system.


Benefits of Hydro Power..............

  • Reduce greenhouse gas emission.
  • Does not pollute water and air.
  • Reducing our dependence on foreign oil.
  • Improve public health / fossil fuel side effects
  • Save money ...cost of unit is low.
  • Increasing local investments.


Ceylon Hydro Energies Company (PVT.) Limited
3/373, Vidyala Mawatha,
Kothalawala, Kaduwela,
Sri Lanka.

Tel/Fax : +94112579933, +94773188499, +94763603270.
E : kapilakatulanda@gmail.com
W : www.ceylonhydroenergies.lk

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